Tenant’s Advice Service for Public and Private Housing Tenants Across the Territory – Darwin Community Legal Service

The Tenant’s Advice Service (TAS) within Darwin Community Legal Service (DCLS) provides free legal advice for tenants Territory-wide from public and private housing on a range of issues.

We believe that the time has come for reform around the Residential Tenancy Act. We are looking at creating a Tenancy Support Working Group which will identify the issues, and work towards better policy, workable solutions and law reform.

Key issues from speaking to our clients:

·         not having a Central Bond Board; and

·         lack of Regulation for Residential Tenancy Databases (RTD’s) – both are common, and legislated in all other states.

All aquiries should be directed towards DCLS in the first instance.

Further information on Residential Tenancy Databases (RTD’s) across Australian jurisdictions is available at:-

Total Tenant Help – Total Tenant Advice Services


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