A Fairer Funding Deal for the Northern Territory

The NT needs a fair and reasonable share of Commonwealth funding.

The Australian Government provides approximately $1.6 billion each year to State and Territory Governments to tackle homelessness and provide more social and affordable housing. Of this $1.6 billion, the Northern Territory receives roughly $20.4 million. That’s 1.3%This is despite having 12 x the national rate of homelessness and more than 54% of its Aboriginal population living in overcrowded housing. Territorians are being disadvantaged.

The funding received by the Northern Territory is the lowest amount of any State or Territory. To illustrate what to many people resembles a nonsense, Western Australia received a total of $171.3 million under NHHA in 2020-1. Western Australia has an estimated 6,224 homeless population. The Northern Territory has over twice as many homeless people but receives only 11.9% of the amount allocated to Western Australia.

We are seeking is a fairer deal for the Northern Territory on homelessness. It won’t break the bank of the other States but it will make a huge difference here. The Productivity Commission agrees that funding should not be based on population share. Read the study report here.

Territorians deserve access to key frontline services as everyone else.

Read our full submission to the Productivity Commission here.

See what NT Shelter has had to say in the media:

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Australian Government Real Expenditure under NHHA ($ per person experiencing homelessness)

Percentage of NHHA Funding Allocation by Jurisdiction Versus Need Percentage of Homeless Population

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Funding needs to go where it is needed most. The Northern Territory needs a fair and reasonable share of Commonwealth funding. Every Australian has a right to a home regardless of where they live.

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