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An important message to the Northern Territory’s candidates in the May Federal election

With the Federal election just days away, we asked the Northern Territory’s candidates one important question:

Over 6% of voters across the Northern Territory are homeless and many more are at risk of homelessness. Their votes matter. What will you and your party do to secure a fairer deal from Canberra for them?

The Northern Territory gets a dud deal when it comes to funding from Canberra under the National Housing and Homelessness Agreement. Based on our population size with no bearing to the huge size of our problem, we get small change while other states reap in hundreds of millions of dollars.

State / TerritoryEstimated Number of Homeless PersonsFunding ($millions)
Western Australia9,004$157.3
South Australia6,222$103.9
Northern Territory13,721$18.9

* Source: Report on Government Services 2019 and ABS 2016 Census

You can read the full text of our enquiry here. To see the candidates’ responses, click the links below.

Response from Anna Sri, Australian Greens Party Senate candidate

Response from James Wheeler, Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party Senate candidate

Response from Michael Wolf, United Australia Party Senate candidate

Response from Sue Fraser-Adams, Independent candidate for Solomon

Response from Luke Gosling, ALP candidate for Solomon

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