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An open letter to Members of the Northern Territory Parliament

On 29 March, National Cabinet agreed to the introduction of a six-month moratorium on evictions
due to financial hardship.This was a great demonstration of leadership and unity by Australia’s leaders across the political divide.

On Friday, Parliament will debate the introduction of new measures to protect struggling renters. We
are confident you will support the introduction of legislative amendments to give full effect to the six
month moratorium on evictions, as other states have already done.

For the 50% of Territorians who are renters, anything less will constitute a broken promise. Any Bill
introduced to Parliament needs to be reviewed and debated on that basis.

The Parliament must act decisively to end the anxiety for renters who have lost most of their income
and are in serious rental stress. The last thing that families need right now is the threat of eviction
hanging over their heads.

The Chief Minister has said many times that his government will “do whatever it takes” to keep
Territorians safe and keep the economy going.

In that spirit, we call on all members of Parliament to ensure that fair and decisive action is taken now
to protect the needs of tenants and landlords alike.

You can read the full letter here.


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