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Inquiry into Homelessness in Australia SUSPENDED

UPDATE: Wednesday 1 April

ORIGINAL POST: 14 February 2020

On Thursday 13 February 2020, the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs launched an inquiry into homelessness in Australia.

Chair of the Committee, Mr Andrew Wallace MP said the inquiry would seek to understand the factors that contribute to people becoming homeless, identify opportunities to prevent homelessness, and examine better ways to support the homeless and those at risk.

The inquiry will have particular regard to:

1.   the incidence of homelessness in Australia;
2.   factors affecting the incidence of homelessness, including housing-market factors;
3.   the causes of, and contributing factors to, housing overcrowding;
4.   opportunities for early intervention and prevention of homelessness;
5.   services to support people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, including housing assistance, social housing, and specialist homelessness services;
6.   support and services for people at particular risk of homelessness, including:

a.  women and children affected by family and domestic violence;
b.  children and young people;
c.  Indigenous Australians;
d.  people experiencing repeat homelessness;
e.  people exiting institutions and other care arrangements;
f.  people aged 55 or older;
g. people living with disability;  and
h. people living with mental illness;

7.   the suitability of mainstream services for people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness;
8.   examples of best-practice approaches in Australia and internationally for preventing and addressing homelessness;
9.   the adequacy of the collection and publication of housing, homelessness, and housing affordability related data;  and
10. governance and funding arrangements in relation to housing and homelessness, particularly as they relate to the responsibility of Local, State, Territory and Federal Governments.

The closing date for submissions to the inquiry is Thursday 9 April 2020. You can see the full media release, Terms of Reference and lodge your submission on the Inquiry website.

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