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Letter to the Editor – Housing shortfall

The following Letter to the Editor was sent to the NT News in advance of the 2020 NT Election, and published on Tuesday 8 September 2020.

Housing shortfall

THE NT Housing Department says there is a shortfall of 8000 to 12,000 social and affordable homes over the next five years. The first priority for the Housing Minister must be to ask his or her department executives for a clear plan to address the shortfall.

Currently there isn’t one. The second priority should be to head to Canberra to land a fairer deal for the Territory on homelessness funding.

Receiving 1.3 per cent of total funding provided to all states and territories when we have 12 times the problem is a rip-off which must be rectified.

Peter McMillan, NT Shelter

The original letter as published, can be viewed here.

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