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New Residential Tenancies legislation passed by NT parliament

The Northern Territory Parliament has passed the Residential Tenancies Legislation Amendment Bill 2019.

Updates include:

  • Two new provisions to provide for the keeping of pets. Without the provisions, there is no specific legislative requirements relating to the keeping of pets.
  • Repealing the provision relating to termination of a fixed term tenancy by a landlord and inserting a new provision which clarifies how a fixed term tenancy may be terminated. A fixed term tenancy may be terminated by a landlord giving notice of intention to terminate at least 14 days before the particular day the tenancy is due to terminate.
  • The CEO (Housing) (or delegate) with the power to terminate a tenancy agreement if vacant possession of the premises is required for the purpose of the renovation, replacement or demolition of the premises. The process includes the CEO (Housing):
    • taking reasonable steps to consult the tenant or occupier and what such consultation must address;
    • providing a notice of intention to terminate that includes specific details set out in section 139(3);
    • providing an undertaking to enter into a new tenancy agreement once the renovated or new premises are ready for occupation. The undertaking must be in writing and explain the terms of the new tenancy agreement;
    • making transitional accommodation available to the tenant in accordance with section 140; and
    • agreeing on a date for vacant possession of the premises with the tenant.

More detail on the changes to come.

The new legislation can be download here.

For more information on NT Shelter’s advocacy for fairer tenancy laws in the Northern Territory, see here.


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