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NT Shelter Welcomes the $4 Billion Remote Housing Package for NT

NT Shelter welcomes the $4 Billion Remote Housing Package for the Northern Territory and commends the work done to secure it.

We congratulate the Commonwealth Government, the Northern Territory Government, the Northern Territory Land Councils, and our colleagues at Aboriginal Housing Northern Territory (AHNT) on their hard work and collaborative efforts in bringing this new partnership agreement to a successful conclusion. We wish them every success in the delivery of improved housing, at scale, to families across remote Northern Territory.

NT Shelter is delighted by the ambition and determination to properly tackle the enormous housing need across remote Aboriginal communities. There is much work still to be done and the path ahead will have its challenges, but today’s announcement instills confidence that there is commitment for the long haul and that the roll out of housing over future years will continue until such time as the issue of overcrowding is fully dealt with.

Read our statement here.


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