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Sharing the Couch with Rebecca Oelkers (S02, E02)

“As CEOs and leaders, I think it behooves us to say ‘well what are we going to do that is different? What partnerships are we going to create that are different? What avenues are we going to look at and explore that are actually going to get us to achieving that goal?’ And by that I mean, I want to not have 116,000 people homeless every night, I don’t want to have 700,000 people in Australia living in housing stress and I don’t want to have 200,000 odd people waiting on public housing waitlists. Everyone in Australia should have a roof over their heads.”

Tune into Sharing the Couch with Rebecca Oelkers, CEO of BHC (formally Brisbane Housing Company) to hear about leading and innovating at a QLD community housing provider.

Watch on YouTube here or listen in on a podcasting app, here!


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