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Strong Foundations Peer Support Forum

Strong Foundations Peer Support Forum – Recordings now live

On Thursday 25th February NT Shelter hosted a Zoom session introducing the concept of Intentional Peer Support in a homelessness context. Council to Homeless Persons, Victoria’s homelessness peak introduced us to the concept of people with lived experience supporting newly housed long term homeless people to create sustainable tenancies and homes. ‘Peer workers’ is not a new concept, its long been recognised as an important part of the mental health sector however the CHP’s Peer Support Resettlement Project is one of the first times peer support has been used in the homeless sector.

We have split the recordings up so you can watch each presenter individually:
Video 1/4: Ian Gough
Video 2/4: Daisy Gleeson
Video 3/4: Cassandra Carrone
Video 4/4: Joal Presincula

We heard from the program designers and managers, the peer trainers and a person with lived experience who works as a peer support worker. If enough of the sector are interested in this concept NT Shelter are considering establishing an advisory group to investigate the concept further.

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