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“The ball is in our court in the Northern Territory”. Peter McMillan speaks with Mix 104.9 on Housing Australia Future Fund

CEO of NT Shelter speaks with Katie Woolf on Mix 104.9 on the Housing Australia Future Fund.

“We need to get together and work through how we are going to get this done right”

“How are we going to roll out housing, at this sort of scale, across our communities, in a way that’s done well. In a way that has good community cohesion”

“We need to learn from the lessons of the past, especially tenancies that haven’t been working well. We need to get it right”

“We need to get boots on the ground together, saying ‘what are we going to do to make this work”

Peter calls for urgency in stakeholder collaboration and planning to prepare and deliver the 1,200 homes from the Housing Australia Future Fund.


NT Shelter’s September Newsletter is out now!

Check out NT Shelter’s September Newsletter! September’s Newsletter includes: The Housing Australia Future Fund (HAFF) NT Housing Alliance Senate Inquiry into Australia’s Worsening Rental Crisis Council Rates Exemptions for Charities

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