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This section highlights the latest facts and statistics relating to affordable housing and homelessness in the Northern Territory, as well as a broad range of educational resources which can be downloaded. These following figures have been drawn from the Estimating Homelessness: Census 2021 and from the AIHW’s Specialist Homelessness Services Annual Report 2021-22


in the Northern Territory

Homelessness Quick Fact Tiles

Highest Homelessness Rates in the Nation

Rate per 10,000 population

Regional Breakdown

Of the Top ten regions with the highest homeless populations in the country, FOUR are in the Northern Territory

Reasons for accessing Homeless Help

Age breakdown of Homeless in the NT

Australian Map with the Northern Territory highlighted in orange
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The NT has 12 times the national average rate of homelessness.

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6% of all people in the NT are

experiencing homelessness.

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The NT has 13 times the national rate of people sleeping rough.
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Unmet demand represents 39.3% of total client demand in the NT.

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20% of Aboriginal people in the NT are experiencing homelessness
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16.5% of all Territorians under the age of 18 are experiencing homelessness.

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81% of people defined as homeless in the NT live in severely crowded dwellings.