Make renting fair, safe and certain.

What we're asking for

The Residential Tenancies Act has a critical role to play in safeguarding the housing needs of the Northern Territory’s residents, ensuring that tenants are not evicted unnecessarily into homelessness, and providing pathways for people out of homelessness into accommodation. It provides governance over the suitability of dwellings for habitation, security of tenure and safety and control of the living space.

We’re advocating alongside eleven organisations to make renting in the Northern Territory fair, safe and certain.  There is no reason why the Northern Territory should lag behind other States when it comes to tenancy legislation.

As has been seen in recent updates and comprehensive reviews across Australia, Residential Tenancies protections have a critical role in balancing the rights of landlord and tenants – ensuring stability and predictability, removing subjectivism. A modern Residential Tenancies Act is able to secure the rights of the landlord.

Are you renting in the Northern Territory? We’d like to hear about your experiences. Please complete this short anonymous survey. Your responses may be used for media and other advocacy.

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16% of renters living with a disability have
been served a no-grounds eviction (compared to 9% of other Australians).

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44% of tenants are concerned that requesting repairs could get them evicted

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of requests for homelessness support are due to Domestic or Family Violence reasons. A strong RTA can help families maintain accommodation.


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