Sharing the Couch

Sharing the Couch is an NT Shelter initiative, featuring interviews with thought leaders in the affordable housing and homelessness sectors. New episodes are published every second Thursday via our YouTube channel, and on our podcast feed on Subscribe to get notification when new episodes are about to premiere. Previous episodes can be found below.

Find out more about our interviewees below:

Rob Lowth is the National Director at the Housing First National Office in Ireland. The Office is part of Ireland’s Housing Agency, an Irish State agency that is playing a major role in supporting the delivery of the National Housing for All Strategy to 2030. 

Fiona York is the CEO of Housing for the Aged Action Group. Housing for the Aged Action Group is the only Australian organisation specialised in the housing needs of older people. Coming from grass-roots beginnings over 30 years ago, HAAG today is over 700 members strong

Dr Chris Martin, Senior Research Fellow in the City Futures Research Centre at UNSW. Previously at the Tenants’ Union of NSW and author of the ‘Tenants Rights Manual’ (4th edition), the leading text on tenancy law and policy for tenants in NSW, Chris has extensive expertise in rental housing and housing affordability.

Ivan has been involved in leadership at all levels with policy development, program planning and implementation and capacity building within government. Ivan has worked in New South Wales in Australian government public services for over 34 years in areas such as public and social housing, Juvenile Justice family and community services, and hostel accommodation for Aboriginal people.

Ivan speaks to NT Shelter as the Chief Executive Officer of National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Housing Association (NATSIHA). 

Leanne Mitchell works with Brimbank City Council as Manager of Community Strengthening and Social Planning. She’s also a 2019 Churchill Fellow and has just released her report into Local Government responses to homelessness. You can view Leanne’s report on the Churchill Trust website here.

In episode six, season two, Peter speaks to Liz Cameron-Smith, CEO of the Foyer Foundation. Foyers are integrated learning and accommodation settings for young people who are at risk of or experiencing homelessness. The Foyer Foundation manages and works to improve the quality standards of Foyers that operate in Australia. The Foyer Foundation sponsors research, works with the Foyer movement globally and advocates to Government at all levels.

In season two, episode five of Sharing the Couch Peter chats to Bernie Barrett, Advocacy Coordinator at Better Renting. What’s it really like being a renter in Australia during a time of housing stress? 

In this episode of Sharing the Couch, Peter chats to Kasy Chambers Executive Director of Anglicare Australia. This is a wide-ranging discussion on poverty, homelessness and social and affordable housing. “I fear that we’re moving back to that sense that peoples’ poverty is their own issue.”

In Season 2, Episode 3 of Sharing the Couch, Peter chats to Trina Jones. Trina is CEO of Homelessness in NSW. In this episode, the conversation covers assertive outreach, challenges and advocacy in the housing and homelessness space. “Let’s gang up on the problem. We have common ground, we’ve got a shared mission and what we achieve together will be stronger than what we achieve alone.”

In Episode Two, Season Two of Sharing the Couch by NT Shelter, Peter chats to Rebecca Oelkers, CEO of BHC (formally Brisbane Housing Company).

Welcome to Season Two of Sharing the Couch by NT Shelter! Kicking off the season is a conversation with Louise McCormick, Commissioner for Infrastructure NT. Louise is a busy person! She’s integral to ensuring the NT builds the public infrastructure needed to meet the NT Government’s goal of a $40 billion economy by 2030. Listen here, or watch here.

Elvis Martin rounds out Season 1 of Sharing the Couch. He’s a young Australian leader and advocate, Principal Ambassador at Youth Development Australia and One Young World Ambassador. Elvis is dedicated to social justice and inclusion, and a strong believer in the power of lived experience. Listen here, or watch here.

In episode #11 of Sharing the Couch, Peter chats to David Pearson, CEO of the Australian Alliance to End Homelessness. David chats about homelessness in the political context (is it a vote winner? is there political will to end homelessness?), his work with advance to zero projects around the country and his desire to figure out what it’s going to take to end homelessness in Australia. Watch here or listen here


Peter chats with Dr Chay Brown, a violence against women researcher, campaigner and advocate based in Alice Springs. She speaks about the “intimate” link between housing and violence against women, the enormous need for transitional housing to support women to be able to escape violence, and her admiration for the staff of the DFV sector. Watch here, or listen here.

Rob Pradolin speaks with Peter about the importance of relationships, the work of Housing All Australians, and why we can’t afford to wait for government to act on our housing crisis. Watch here or listen here

Peter speaks with Erin Turner about renters rights and the importance of good public policy. Watch here or listen here

Dave Pugh, CEO of Anglicare NTPeter speaks with Anglicare NT CEO Dave Pugh about his career journey, the importance of keeping your sense of self as you navigate working in the NT, and kindness. Watch here or listen here

In this episode, Peter talks to Dr Simon Quilty about housing, health and the impacts of overcrowding. Watch here or listen here

In the lead up to Homelessness Week 2022 and the National Homelessness Conference, Peter chats to Kate Colvin. Kate is the spokesperson for the Everybody’s Home Campaign and Manager – Policy and Communications with the Council to Homeless Persons. Watch here or listen here

Wendy Morton talks with Peter about her role as the NT’s Community Housing Registrar, in a time of growth for the sector, and shares some of her unique life experiences. Watch here or listen here

Hear about Brent’s background in law enforcement, how he’s made the transition to working in housing, and his optimism about resolving the homelessness crisis in the NT. Watch here or listen here

Hear about how Adrian first got involved in social justice advocacy, which politicians have impressed him, and his mother’s very sage advice. Watch here or listen here

Learn more about Michael’s background, the work of AHURI, and his reflections on the housing discussion during the recent 2022 Federal election. Watch here or listen here

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