Homelessness Week Movie Screening: ‘Life After The Oasis’

Every night across Australia, 22,000 teenagers are homeless.

This Homelessness Week (August 4th – 9th) NT Shelter is hosting a screening of ‘Life After the Oasis’ (Sydney Film Festival 2019): From the team at Shark Island Institute who bought you the 2008 film The Oasis, directed by Sascha Ettinger Epstein.

In 2008, feature documentary The Oasis shocked Australia with its gritty insight into the lives of homeless teens at a notorious youth refuge in inner city Sydney. An outpouring of social and political goodwill followed, with the then Prime Minister pledging to halve homelessness by 2020. A decade later, with social inequality and homelessness worse than ever, the original participants reflect on where their lives have taken them.

*This is a free public screening. All community members are invited to attend*